Track Down Mr. Talkbox and Meet TobyMac

Mr. TalkboxAre you coming out to a Winter Wonder Slam concert? How would you like to meet TobyMac before the show?? All you have to do is get to the concert a little early, and be the first one to find Mr. Talkbox! If you want to win, follow these instructions closely...

1. Watch TobyMac's Twitter or Facebook the day of the show for a clue from Mr. Talkbox

2. Arrive at the show about 2 hours before it starts and use the clue to be the first one to find Mr. Talkbox

3. Walk up to Mr. Talkbox and tell him It's my time! He will present you with two passes to go backstage!

It's as simple as that! But if you have any questions about the game or the rules, email Jess the WebGirl.

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