BMI Songwriter of the Year

BMI recently hosted their Annual Christian Awards ceremony at their offices in downtown Nashville and TobyMac took home the award of the night “Songwriter of the Year,” making it his fourth win in this category. He shared the honor with Rodney Griffin (Greater Vision) and Bo Rinehart (needtobreathe) who also took home awards for the same title. Additionally, the songs “Get Back Up” and “City On Our Knees ” were recognized for being two of the Top 25 most performed songs on Christian radio over the past year.

In addition to being one of Nashville's top songwriters, TobyMac continues to mentor songwriters and artists such as Jamie Grace, through Gotee Records and is excited for what she is bringing to the music industry:

"Jamie Grace writes, sings and plays her own music. She has a style that can’t be put into a typical label box—a dash of reggae, a dash of folk, a dash of hip hop. I’ve said it a million times, ‘If we’re ever going to be a shining city on a hill, we have to be diverse city.’ Jamie Grace is part of that diverse city. She’s such a natural, beautiful next step for our industry.”

The new female vocalist’s latest single “Hold Me,” also featuring TobyMac, was recently given the spotlight at iTunes ® as the Discovery Download. Listeners welcomed Grace with open arms as over 188,000 downloads were received. Click here for more information on Jamie Grace.

TobyMac is currently entertaining crowds in the thousands on the HipRockFunkSoul tour which also spotlights the solo talents of ArchNemesiz, SHONLOCK, Nirva Ready, Toddiefunk, Tim Rosenau, SuperHeRose and Byron “Mr. Talkbox” Chambers ... otherwise known as the DiverseCity band.

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