Hold On

Wake up to the morning light Wipe away the lonely nights Let a brand new day wash over you Wanna see you smile again Show some love to your crazy friends Wipe your tears away, those days are through If you move just a little bit closer You can put your head on my shoulder Yeah, yeah So baby hold on Just another day or two I can see the clouds are moving faster now And the sun is breaking through If you could hold on To the One that’s holding you There is nothing that can stop this crazy love From breaking through, we’re breaking through Wake up to the rising sun Thank the Lord for the things He’s done Lift your eyes to the hope that’s ever true Wanna see you smiling girl You’re a light in this jaded world Wipe away those tears This one’s for you And the stars are up there shining for you Oh, how the Father does adore you His love will never change And you and I, we were born to follow The hope that will lead us to tomorrow And no one can take it away