Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I and you Illuminati comin' thru Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I and you Illuminati comin' thru Flow like the Cassius, swing like the Clay One day, I’m’a make the whole world pay With k.o.'s and okay we bash clots-n-dot-dash You got that right, I’m’a rock the Morse code tonight Transmit 'n throwin' fits 'n paparazzi like zits Get flipped out and squeezed fresh like juicy sun kissed And if I miss with my missles you’re still gonna sizzle ‘Cause I frizzle fry radiation style worldwide You got your pipeline clogged man get that puppy routed You got the style down and since you don't know about it Who's the loser (I am) because we come in numb love And choicer and did I mention looser (no you didn't) Then I do sir, producer, hit me with the juice Much obliged got the head of a moose So mount me on the wall of your livin' room Sure to bring the boom Speakin' like a zoom deep into your tomb And if you feel the vibe glide true it's on you And if you need to drive right through it's on you And if your screamin' "moi non plus" it's like What you tryin' to do when you can't fade the true one Eruption type volcanics I got the vocal spurtmatic Suction cup hands upside the slammin' daily planet I do windows (on school days) spill Jim Jones (type kool-aid) All these primrose (style bouquets) I clip those (for doomsday) Got succulent flavor, the uprisen Savior Manifestin' thru these mics, blastin' out your graveyard Savor every bite that TOBYMAC gave ya Turn and tell your neighbor this ball-o-dirt is goin' into labor