No Ordinary Love

Momma never said it would be like this I never knew such bliss existed Or maybe it’s just so indescribable Love was liable to get her twisted She never told me but if she tried I was a little too young it floated right by me I never dreamed love so fulfilling it’s simply killing and over spilling on me It goes on and on … This ain’t no ordinary love Gonna tell everyone up under the sun I refuse to believe we’re a dying breed Children of peace hope and harmony Ordinary folks extraordinary love Something from above Something we fall short of You can’t see with an untrained eye But if you take a little time you are sure to find it We complicate something so basic But once you taste it you gonna chase it like me It goes on and on … A - yo here we go, open up the gates and let it flow … Love’s gonna take us higher This ain’t no ordinary love It’s extraordinary love